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Everyone at one point or another makes a mistake they wish they could take back while enduring the repercussions of their act. When the law is concerned, the fate of ones’ life can seem to be decided as nonchalant as a casual business conversation. In my case, I revealed my violation when I was applying for the police department to prove my honesty and show that I was ready to start making a difference in my community. My interview soon became an interrogation, and not long after I was charged with three felonies.

When I came to Tom Medrano with my case, he immediately began to draw up a plan and described everything in detail what he would do. He used simple anagrams that explained how to go about dealing with the situation and gave counsel with the sense of optimism I needed. Most importantly, by the impression I gathered, he could empathize with my predicament whereas the justice system only made me feel like an outcast among society. I followed instruction by seeing the therapist and psychologist he recommended personally. At the final hearing my case was dropped to a single charge, with no jail time, and a short period of probation. I felt like I could finally relax after being so stressed from the matter.

I was very pleased with all Tom had been able to work out. Not only did he reduce the typical sentence, he was able to arrange for a second set of terms. Halfway through my probation we would return to court, reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, discard the remaining time of probation, and expunge the charge from my criminal record. Just as he had planned, the court agreed to dismiss my case. I want to thank Tom so much for representing me and all his hard work. I feel confident I can move on with my life without the burden of my past hindering my future.


I have been a criminal defense investigator for 21 years. I was Johnnie Cochran's investigator for 14 years and up until his death. In addition, I have worked for well over 33 attorneys in southern California as well as in other states. Tom Medrano and I have worked on complex criminal matters for over 10 years beating well over 18 cases together by either District Attorney dismissals or jury acquittals. I can attest from working with other attorneys, Tom Medrano is one of the most aggressive, well planned and committed attorney I have had the pleasure of fighting cases with. As a criminal defense investigator working with an accomplished attorney like Tom Medrano has not only added to my experience, it has taught me what should be expected from other attorneys.


The law offices of Tom Medrano have been very helpful. Mr. Medrano and his staff have answered all my legal questions and have returned all my calls in a timely manner. Mr. Medrano has shown a great deal of professionalism, which shows his level of experience both in the court room and while communicating with me regarding my case. I am very pleased and satisfied with Mr. Medrano and his staff. They have informed me about legal information and have also made me feel very confident about my case.


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