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Federal and State government takes a tough stance against anyone charged with committing government fraud. If you are suspected of defrauding a governmental agency you can expect prosecutors to aggressively collect evidence against you, obtain witness testimony and make every attempt to enforce the severest of penalties. If you have been arrested, charged or arrested in connection with a government fraud investigation, you need effective legal representation to protect your rights. The Law Office of Tom R Medrano has defended many client, professionals, and businesses against a wide range of fraud and white collar crimes including:

  • Real Estate Loan fraud underwritten by a Federal or State agency
  • Political bribes
  • Internet crimes
  • Election fraud
  • Immigration fraud

If you or a love one has been affected by government fraud, protect your legal rights.

A person who is convicted of a crime in general faces societal stigmas and potentially irreparable damage to his or her reputation. It is almost always unwise to represent yourself. Retain the services of a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Tom R. Medrano for your no-cost consultation.


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