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I understand it is painstakingly difficult to find a top criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. The most important thing to finding the best attorney is to find a lawyer who has a solid track record in the criminal law in which you are being charged.  Here are some comments from my past clients.


Tom Medrano saved my life!
Tom is everything his website says he is, tenacious, prompt, well mannered, well spoken, well dressed. Everything is gone through with a fine tooth comb, no stone is left un-turned. Mr Medrano dots all his (i’s) and crosses all his (T’s). I fought a Life sentence for first degree murder and if not for Tom and his relentless team of professional’s, I wouldn’t be here today writing this post.
Thank you Tom from me and my family,

Believe me when i say Tom is a no brainer choice when it comes to fighting for your freedom.

Richard H.

Great Lawyer!
Very excellent lawyer and he is always trying to help you with anything he can. He is a very nice person and knows how to communicate with you in other to be able to understand what is going on with your case. If you have any question do not be afraid to ask him. He always has and answer and if he does not he finds a way to answer your question. He is very responsive and helpful. He is always informing you with everything that is going on with your case and letting you on time what it could be done in order for everything to come out just right.


The Best Attorney!
Mr. Medrano represented me in a criminal threat case. He spent 3 hours with me during my consultation. He took the time to explain the laws surrounding the events, my rights as a witness and my options. Mr. Medrano is an expert and highly knowledgeable in his profession. Most important, he provide top notch customer service. He communicated with me via phone, texts and email which was very convenient with my work schedule. He was very timely with responding and updating me on my case. Mr. Medrano remained highly committed to my case through then entire process. He ensured everything worked out to my favor and in the best interest of me. I will recommend Mr. Medrano to anyone because I am confident he will do the best job for all his clients. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Medrano. You are the best attorney!


I can move forward with my life
Everyone at one point or another makes a mistake they wish they could take back while enduring the repercussions of their act. When the law is concerned, the fate of ones’ life can seem to be decided as nonchalant as a casual business conversation. In my case, I revealed my violation when I was applying for the police department to prove my honesty and show that I was ready to start making a difference in my community. My interview soon became an interrogation, and not long after I was charged with three felonies.

When I came to Tom Medrano with my case, he immediately began to draw up a plan and described everything in detail what he would do. He used simple anagrams that explained how to go about dealing with the situation and gave counsel with the sense of optimism I needed. Most importantly, by the impression I gathered, he could empathize with my predicament whereas the justice system only made me feel like an outcast among society. I followed instruction by seeing the therapist and psychologist he recommended personally. At the final hearing my case was dropped to a single charge, with no jail time, and a short period of probation. I felt like I could finally relax after being so stressed from the matter.

I was very pleased with all Tom had been able to work out. Not only did he reduce the typical sentence, he was able to arrange for a second set of terms. Halfway through my probation we would return to court, reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, discard the remaining time of probation, and expunge the charge from my criminal record. Just as he had planned, the court agreed to dismiss my case. I want to thank Tom so much for representing me and all his hard work. I feel confident I can move on with my life without the burden of my past hindering my future.


Aggressive, well planned attorney

I have been a criminal defense investigator for 21 years. I was Johnnie Cochran’s investigator for 14 years and up until his death. In addition, I have worked for well over 33 attorneys in southern California as well as in other states. Tom Medrano and I have worked on complex criminal matters for over 10 years beating well over 18 cases together by either District Attorney dismissals or jury acquittals. I can attest from working with other attorneys, Tom Medrano is one of the most aggressive, well planned and committed attorney I have had the pleasure of fighting cases with. As a criminal defense investigator working with an accomplished attorney like Tom Medrano has not only added to my experience, it has taught me what should be expected from other attorneys.


Very professional
The law offices of Tom Medrano have been very helpful. Mr. Medrano and his staff have answered all my legal questions and have returned all my calls in a timely manner. Mr. Medrano has shown a great deal of professionalism, which shows his level of experience both in the court room and while communicating with me regarding my case. I am very pleased and satisfied with Mr. Medrano and his staff. They have informed me about legal information and have also made me feel very confident about my case.


The Real Deal

Bad choices may come with consequences’. How you combat a bad choice is by making a good one, making the right one. Attorney Tom Medrano was not only a good choice but most certainly the right one. If not, I would not be able to write this for some amount of time, nor would I.

For me, being charged of a crime and being arrested, incarcerated and bailed out was beyond horrific for my family and me. The experience was enormously traumatizing and the stress was indescribable as you certainly can imagine. Hiring the right legal counsel is imperative. This is one area you do not want to bargain shop, especially when your freedom and future is depending on the outcome. Having a very large and complex felony case ahead of me, I met with several attorneys. Only one stood out overall, to not only fight for my freedom, but for the best justice I deserve. That Attorney was Tom Medrano! He is extremely professional, impeccably prepared and is willing to delve into your situation with the utmost respect and professional care to you and or your family.

There is no grey area with Mr. Medrano. Tom is a straight shooter and will not sugar coat things, as well as make any promises he can’t deliver to earn your business. You will not feel like just a dollar sign when considering hiring him. Tom is very well experienced and very well educated in criminal law. His court room presence and demeanor goes beyond expectation. Tom and his dedicated professional staff will keep you abridged of your appointments, court dates, etc. every step of the way from start to finish and continue to follow up with you and check in when done. A commendable and rare courtesy not all or many will do for you.

I am free, have my life back and now the chance again to flourish with a positive future ahead, thanks to Tom.

Lastly and bottom line, when considering an attorney that’s best for you, I would consider Tom.