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Sex Offender Registry Removal

sex offender registry removal

Sex Offender Registry Removal

2021 is now the beginning of California Bill SB384 that enables a majority of sex offenders end their sex offender registration to public and police databases. Normally sex offenders have to registry for life and many of our clients are advised to register on their birthdays so they don’t forget, which brings them such burden on what should be a joyous day. But this new Bill allows certain sex offenders to end their lifetime registration.

9 out of 10 Sex Offenders May Be Eligible Immediately

This new law affects approximately 90% of currently registered sex offenders in California and the only general requirement is that 10 or 20 years have past since your offense and sentencing; and having committed no further serious crimes since then. 

end lifetime sex offender registration

If you are eligible but do nothing you must continue to register as a sex offender!

This law requires action on your behalf including preparing a petition, legal notifications and appearing in court. This law does not simply mean qualifying sex offenders don’t have to register anymore. There is a process once you determine you are eligible and we can assist with every step.


This new law has many requirements and activities your must accomplish in order to remove your name from the sex database.

This is why it’s best to work with an attorney who understands this new law and can fully assist you with your legal petition and the additional requirements to remove your name from the sex registry. Failure to properly file may require to start the process over. Contact our offices today for a free consultation. 

We can help determine your eligibility immediately.

Contact our office immediately to determine if this new law can help you leave your past behind you. We have always felt lifetime registration shouldn’t be universally applied to all sex crime cases, especially considering many people were convicted of only misdemeanor sex crimes. During the 80s / 90s many people were convicted of sex crimes for public homosexual activity and were unfairly regarded as perpetrators of sex offenses towards children. Our hope is this new law will remove the scarlet letter many people have branded on them for a mistake they made in their past.