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Robbery is the taking of property from another person, by the means of force or fear.

Many robbery crimes include guns and weapons crimes, including armed robbery with guns, knives, and automatic weapons. Use of weapon or infliction of great bodily injury during the commission of a robbery carries a stricter sentence. Robbery involves person to person confrontation, the threat of or use of force along with the intent to coerce and prevent resistance.

Anyone convicted of robbery in the first degree could face up to nine years in state prison and up to five years if convicted of second-degree robbery.

A robbery conviction is very serious. If convicted of multiple counts, a life sentence is possible. If you are not a United States citizen, your immigration status or application for citizenship could be in jeopardy. If you or a love one has been charged with committing a robbery, protect your legal rights.

A person who is convicted of a crime in general faces societal stigmas and potentially irreparable damage to his or her reputation. It is almost always unwise to represent yourself. Retain the services of a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Tom R. Medrano for your no-cost consultation.