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Gang Crimes

Gang Crimes

Action taken by Police in the name of controlling gang crime can sometimes cross legal lines by involving tactics such as illegal search and seizure or illegal racial profiling.

This should never be tolerated. If you were stopped or searched without probable cause, the Law Office of Tom R. Medrano can help seek to exclude any evidence relating to your arrest that was illegally obtained. Tom Medrano has handled a wide range of cases where his clients faced increased penalties because the alleged offenses were charged as gang crimes.

The color of your clothes, the way you talk, the neighborhood you live in, the people you know and associate with – can be used by the prosecution to charge you with a gang crime, or charge a special gang enhancement against you. When an offense is charged as a gang crime, a minor offense can become a serious or violent felony, and a murder can become a death penalty case. If you are charged with a gang crime, protect your rights.

A person who is convicted of a crime in general faces societal stigmas and potentially irreparable damage to his or her reputation. It is almost always unwise to represent yourself. Retain the services of a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Tom R. Medrano for your no-cost consultation.