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Forgery is a type of fraud that is considered both a white collar crime and a theft crime.

Although most people think of forgery as simply signing someone else’s name, the offense of forgery is actually much more elaborate. Forgery occurs when you intend to commit a fraud and:

  • sign someone else’s name without authorization,
  • counterfeit or recreate the seal or handwriting of another without prior approval,
  • alter, corrupt, or falsify specific legal written documents, such as a will or court record,
  • falsely make, alter, recreate, counterfeit, utter, or publish any document or item relating to money, stocks, a sale, transfer, or exchange of goods or property, any written document relating to how one intends to dispose of his/her property upon death, a legal document other than a will or court record (a power of attorney, for example), or a notarized document.

California forgery law only applies to acts that prejudice, damage, or defraud another out of money, an interest in property, and/or other legal rights.

If you or a love one is charged with a forgery, protect your legal rights. It is almost always unwise to represent yourself. Retain the services of a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Tom R. Medrano for your no-cost consultation.