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Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card fraud is a very common type of fraud, generally associated with identity theft.

The variety of crimes is limited only by the imagination of the criminal mind. The most common type of credit card fraud involves using a stolen credit card or debit card at a retail location. The perpetrator is frequently caught on video engaging in this conduct and is easily prosecuted since the entire transaction is video recorded.

Credit card duplication fraud
A more sophisticated type of credit fraud involves doctoring the magnetic stripe on the back of the card to duplicate another credit or debit card, charging the maximum limit amounts on the card. This involves the use of a “skimmer” to re-code the card. The perpetrator of this type of fraud will steal access cards or gift cards, do the recoding and then simply return the original card to the retailer. This has the effect of making the use of the stolen card almost impossible to catch, since there’s nothing wrong with the dummy card now being used.

Stolen identity credit card fraud
The other more common type of credit fraud that is widespread, occurs where a team will apply for credit at various retailers, charge the credit lines to the maximum, keep the merchandise and never pay their bills. These cards are using false or stolen identities (IDs). This form of fraudulent crime is often called “identity theft.” If you or a love one is charged with any type of fraud offense, or identity theft, know your legal rights.

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