In response to your request as to who we are. I feel it necessary to take the time to expound a little philosophy in your direction regarding the issue of selecting an architect.
First of all I would like to state that getting references and obtaining background information is a good idea. I must however add that one must take into consideration some issues that the typical person may not be aware that currently exist. Architects, by nature, are a strange lot. They are on one hand highly respected by society and on the other hand blamed for all things that go awry during construction. Architects are a highly egotistic group and esoteric to the point that the majority of offices are one-man offices. Society, and even other architects, can't get along with them. As a client once told me, "Architects are a necessary evil!"
You may ask where is Torres Architects in this group of nut baskets and I would have to venture to say that I have always promoted myself and this firm as a team that runs on service and chemistry. Service is easy enough to describe but much harder to put into action. We know and feel that our clients are served through the respect and attitude we have towards our clients. We have found that the best projects are formed from the chemistry between the client and the architect. The fact that it usually takes close to a year to complete a typical construction project, from initial design to occupancy, requires the relationship between client and architect to be strong and have the project's success in its heart. On my initial meeting with clients and during the tour of their current state, we size up the potential for a type of relationship.
We are creative problem-solvers with a high level of communication skills and ingrained in the belief that the client is to be listened to and respected. We turn down clients that represent themselves as searching for bargain fees at the expense of the project's success.
We do not believe in brochures of the firm and photos of previous work. We do not keep biographies on file. We have always been referred to potential clients through personal references. We look for clients that have architectonic issues that we can solve in a pragmatic way, using the traits mentioned above. All projects produced in this firm are a team effort between the firm and the client. It is a work product that this firm and I keep within us. It is a solution to the specific client's issues and may not have meaning to anyone else. As I'm sure you will agree&&&..we are all different with different needs.