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How Do I Intelligently Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasadena?

Many of my clients often wonder who to intelligently choose a criminal defense attorney in Pasadena. Answering your most asked questions like “best criminal attorney in Los Angeles” and “best criminal defense attorney in Pasadena” requires your own due diligence.

People are surprised to learn that many of my clients are first time offenders, who because of suspicious circumstances are arrested and charged with a crime. Many of my clients are word of mouth referrals, referred by friends, family or their lawyer. Being referred is the first step, but how do I, as a prospective client, know if this attorney is right for me?

My administrative assistant, Jacquline, is the first person who has contact with a prospective client. Jaqueline is often asked if the attorney has any experience handling cases exactly like theirs’ and what is my success rate? Often the client will directly ask me that same question. It is a great question, and one that needs to be asked, and honestly answered. But how do you know if your attorney is honestly telling you the truth?

A Pasadena Criminal Attorney With Proven Results

“Buyer beware” — there are a lot of attorneys out there who will exaggerate the truth when it comes to their qualifications and experience – my investigator, refers to this puff as the attorney “selling wolf tickets.” In order to introduce you to my firm’s qualifications and experience, I have assembled a partial list of some of my recent cases. Let the record (RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS) speak for itself. I invite you to check out my own personal track record in representing clients before the court. I have attached a partial list of specific case names, court locations, court case numbers, criminal charges, penalty exposure and the case disposition (what exactly happened in that particular case). See for yourself and make up your own mind. When you shop for your attorney, do your homework. Before hiring him/her ask to see their track record in writing and then go to the court and check them!

Committed To Being Your Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

While each and every case is different and no one can honestly guarantee a particular result in any case — I and my defense team can guarantee our best efforts in handling your particular case to the best of our ability —and that’s no wolf ticket!

Know Your Rights

The United States Constitution guarantees every criminal defendant a criminal attorney. Crimes are classified into one of two categories. The more serious crime, such as murder or rape, is considered a felony. Felonies are usually punishable by imprisonment of a year or more. The other type of a criminal offense is a misdemeanor, such as petty theft. This type of crime is less serious and is punishable by less than a year in county jail.

For a criminal conviction in California, prosecutors must prove each and every element of the crime to gain a conviction. In addition, a prosecutor must persuade the judge or jury “beyond a reasonable doubt” of every fact necessary to constitute the criminal offense.

Our criminal justice system can be overwhelming and at times frightening. The incarceration rate in the United States is much higher than that of other industrialized countries. Prison sentences are getting longer and more frequent. If you face the possibility of being accused of a crime, contact a criminal defense lawyer as early in the process as possible, preferably even before questioning or investigation by the police. A criminal attorney can fight for your legal and constitutional rights.

A person who is convicted of a crime in general faces societal stigmas and potentially irreparable damage to his or her reputation. It is almost always unwise to represent yourself. Retain the services of a seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Based in the historical Pasadena, California, criminal defense attorney, Tom R. Medrano has defended the rights-and records-of clients for more than 30 years. We represent people throughout Southern California and surrounding areas (currently representing clients in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Francisco County and Alameda County), utilizing the most current technologies and resources available to get the job done with favorable results. Our Law Office has an emphasis in Criminal Defense. We specialize in tailoring legal solutions to meet your needs today.

Our area of expertise - Criminal Defense Practice

Representation in cases involving murder, assault, drug possession, theft, burglary, disorderly conduct, and white collar crimes, such as forgery and embezzlement. We also defend people in cases of vehicular manslaughter,unreasonable search and seizure, disorderly conduct, and shoplifting, as well as cases involving criminal litigation.

We are committed to having an understanding of each detail in every case. Our preparation pays off when we get to court.

(Limited to criminal defense only)