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if the police want to talk then do this first

If the police want to question you then do this first!

Being a person of interest in a police investigation is a scary situation. But did you know the biggest mistake someone could make that would lead to their arrest and possible conviction? Speaking to the police!

For decades, the police have been using proven techniques to get you to talk and twist your innocent statement into arguably incriminating information that will later be used against you in court.

The right to remain silent and the right to not self incriminate yourself is your constitutional right, however you must not trust the police to protect that right because that isn’t their job. Their job is to get you to talk and build evidence for a case. So whose job is it to protect you from self incrimination? Your attorney! That’s why the police say during the Miranda rights that you have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

If the police want to speak to you they will pursue you everywhere they can. From your home, friends or families home and even your work. Just imagine the problems you’ll have if the police show up at your work asking for you. This happens often during police investigations and it rapidly begins to destroy your reputation and create a social stigma that people don’t forget, even if nothing else happened afterwards.

This is why it is of paramount importance that you hire the Law Offices of Tom Medrano immediately after learning the police want to speak with you and, most importantly, before you speak to them!

The police may want to sidestep having an attorney present for a “quick, friendly chat.” They may even suggest you’re guilty by you wanting your attorney present. Simply say “I’m more than happy to talk with you and answer each and every question you have— when my attorney is present.” Be kind, be polite, be open. Insist you’ll talk. But only when Tom Medrano is with you. And of courses he will advise you not to say anything, especially anything that could possibly incriminate you. By simply hiring Mr. Medrano he will put a stop to the police pursuing you and not let you say anything. This is the benefit of retaining counsel, which means hiring an attorney. If the evidence against you isn’t strong and if you have not provided any arguably incriminating information then it’s possible you won’t even be arrested or the case won’t go to trial.

The purpose of retaining Mr. Medrano is to protect you from making a statement to the police because often the police will misrepresent what you said in an effort to make you look guilty. Just imagine a police officer on the witness stand saying you said “X, Y, Z.” Even if you went on the stand and said no, I said “A, B, C.” Who is the jury going to believe? The police every single time.

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So just remember, if the police want to talk to you don’t open your mouth and call Mr. Medrano immediately.