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Current Courthouse Closures Due to COVID-19

Los Angeles County Superior Court:

Presiding Judge Kevin Brazile on May 13 extended previous orders closing courtrooms and delaying trials and non-essential matters through June 10. Criminal and civil trials and certain other matters scheduled between May 13 and June 10 will be continued or reset.

The court is preparing to reopen 400 currently closed courtrooms on June 22. The clerk’s office will reopen on June 15. “Information regarding the new Virtual Clerk’s Office and Court Service Departments including virtual Jury Service, telephonic and video Webex assistance, and how to reserve a seat in the courthouse for in-person assistance, will be coming soon.”

Judicial officers, court employees and visitors will be required to wear face coverings.

San Bernardino County Superior Court:

Presiding Judge Michael Sachs issued an 11-page fifth amendment to the court’s emergency order on April 30 outlining operations and deadline extensions through May 28. The chief justice issued a third emergency order for the court on April 29. The court is requiring all courthouse visitors to wear face coverings.

Orange County Superior Court:

The court extended its general closure through May 22. According to a notice posted May 1, civil “trial dates for all trials scheduled to begin as of March 17, 2020 forward will be rescheduled approximately 25 weeks from the currently scheduled trial date, with notice to all parties.” Civil trials in progress as of March 17 will be vacated.

The court has set up an email portal to answer questions about closures. The chief justice issued a third emergency order for the court on April 24. Presiding Judge Kirk Nakamura issued an amended administrative order on March 24. The court is live streaming some proceedings.

Court leaders participated in a webinar discussing operations during COVID-19 on April 16.

Riverside County Superior Court:

The court on May 14 extended its general closure through May 29. The chief justice on April 24 signed a fifth emergency order for the court creating procedures for transferring civil cases to other counties for trial. The court, which announced courtroom closures around the county, requires anyone entering a court building to wear a face covering.

On April 22, the court issued a civil division emergency reorganization order vacating jury and court trials and making other changes to handle civil matters.

San Diego County Superior Court:

Presiding Judge Lorna Alksne on May 13 signed a general order outlining new procedures for civil cases. The court says it is rescheduling 87,000 hearings postoponed due to the pandemic-related closures.

The court is livestreaming certain proceedings as it continues handling only limited matters through May 22. A list of available services is posted here. The court received a fifth emergency order from the chief justice on April 29 and Presiding Judge Lorna Alksne posted an implementation order on April 30. All jury service through May 22 is dismissed. An April 3 order restricts access to county courthouses.

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