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Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, controlled substance, medication, or prescription that impairs the driver's ability to operate the vehicle is against the law.

Driving under the influence is the most common offense in our society. It can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony DUI, depending upon your record or whether there were serious injuries. Preparation, knowledge, and an excellent DUI attorney are among your best defenses. We are expert DUI Lawyers and we're here to help.

An expertly prepared DUI attorney can be your legal advocate and guide through the DUI court system. An experienced DUI attorney knows meritorious indicators courts look for as well as the evidence and arguments that will secure the court’s sympathy towards DUI offenders. If you’re facing a DUI offense, please consider the wisdom and peace of mind of securing the right DUI attorney to guide and protect you.

When charged with a DUI you will face prosecution from both the DMV administrative system and the court system. You need an attorney who is skilled at handling both. The possible ramifications run the exposure from fines, jail time, or probation, to the career consequences of losing your license. The Law Office of Tom R. Medrano provides California DUI defense consultations free-of-charge. We welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss the DUI charges against you and how to best protect your rights and record.


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