Tom R. Medrano is an attorney  specializing in the defense of serious criminal offenses.

"I will personally prepare your testimony, testimony of any witnesses you may have and conduct thorough research, preparation and investigation in each criminal case." 

Tom R. Medrano


Tom R. Medrano has nearly 20 years of courtroom experience in California State and Federal courts, including the defense of serious major felony criminal offenses.
Specialization He specializes only in criminal cases, with hundreds of criminal cases handled to date.  Case Study: Medical doctor is freed from criminal murder charge.
Reputation Mr. Medrano has an established Reputation for effective, aggressive trial court representation in all subject areas of criminal law, regardless of complexity, adverse evidence, or seriousness of consequences. 
Education Tom graduated from University of California, Berkeley, "Boalt Hall" School of Law.
Day-to-day Court Contacts He has extensive day-to-day professional contact with judges and prosecutors in the courtroom.

Mr. Tom R. Medrano is an attorney who specializes in the criminal defense of serious criminal offenses for almost 20 years. His law practice includes defending individuals accused of committing various crimes including ‑ murder, child molestation, drug, white collar crimes, fraud, robbery and drunk driving, to name a few.

Born in Los Angeles, Mr. Medrano received both his undergraduate and graduate law degrees at the University of California, Berkeley. Besides a busy law practice, Mr. Medrano is committed to contributing to the greater community by volunteering his time, energy and resources in supporting numerous community based organizations. Mr. Medrano serves on several boards of directors. He was formerly Chairman of the Board of Directors of AltaMed Health Services Corporation, an organization dedicated to providing affordable health care to a rainbow of races and cultures, from childbirth to the senior citizen population.

Mr. Medrano has tried over 150 jury trials in both state and federal courts. He has tried jury trials in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Ventura, Alameda and San Francisco Counties. He has tried cases as far away as the Federal Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When asked what was the secret to his success he replied, "it depends on who asks the question, to the prosecutor, I just say that I'm lucky. But honestly, there are three keys to my success, preparation, preparation, and preparation"

Mr. Medrano lectures and teaches in the areas of criminal and juvenile law before school and professional organizations, radio and TV audiences. If you would like to have Mr. Medrano address your group on any subject contained in this or future newsletter issues, feel free to contact his office.

In Memoria

MARIA ELENA REYES, lover, wife, mother, daughter, esteemed jurist. We were married almost 10 years when she passed away after bravely battling cancer.   At the time she joined God she was 39 years old, leaving behind a special child, Marco Tomas, who she dedicated her life to. Her dying wish was that her son never forget his mother, who deeply loved him. Maria was a special woman who touched many lives. 

In recognition and in a special tribute to her, the Los Angeles City Council named a public building, the only  branch office of the Los Angeles City Attorney Office so named out of seven  branch offices. The Grand Central Market branch office was renamed the Maria Elena Reyes Branch Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney. This special recognition was bestowed on Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Maria Elena Reyes, on February 23, 1996. After learning of her death on March 28, 1996, the Los Angeles City Council recessed for the day on Friday. March 29. 1996, conducting no business for the day. This, in loving memory and recognition of this grand woman, prosecuting attorney, mother and distinguished human being.